Why You Should Keep Yourself Active to Maintain Healthy Life


Many of us still don’t realize how important it is to stay active. We may be aware that it is indeed essential for a healthy life, but on most occasions, we don’t act on it!

Most of us are living sedentary lives; no wonder why there’s a huge population of people suffering from various lifestyle-related illnesses.

Do you want to know how exactly an active lifestyle can benefit your health and wellness? Read on and discover why it is important to keep yourself active and you might find yourself moving sooner than you know!

It decreases your risk of developing cardiovascular disease

One of the keys to a long, healthy life is keeping your heart healthy. You need to make sure that your heart effectively pumps blood throughout your body and it’s working pretty well!

How to keep a healthy heart?

Physical activities such as aerobics for at least 2 hours and 30 minutes a week can prevent cholesterol from clogging up your arteries. And yep, exercise also helps to lower your blood pressure!

It helps control your weight

Weight gain is the result of unburned calories. Consuming foods and drinks loaded with calories, will make you gain those extra pounds, and increase your risks of developing illnesses.

Doing some form of physical activity on a regular basis will prevent this from happening! It is important to remember, though, that this is best coupled with proper nutrition.

It lowers your risk of diabetes

Many people are suffering from diabetes, which is the major cause of kidney failure, arteries damage, blindness, and even coronary heart disease.

Sadly, millions of people are suffering from the disease. Statistics reveal that there are 3.2 million diabetes sufferers in the United Kingdom alone as of 2013.

It could get worse: 

This figure is expected to balloon to five million by the year 2025! And this prediction is more likely to become a reality if people won't start to observe a healthy lifestyle.

While diabetes can be prevented, many people still suffer from this disease due to weight problems and obesity.

Being overweight is a known cause for diabetes as excess weight strains the pancreas, the organ responsible for insulin production. Insulin is the hormone that regulates the blood sugar levels of your body.

Diabetes also raises your chances of experiencing bone problems such as osteoporosis, and joint problems like foot damage, which could even possibly lead to amputation.

When you have diabetes, your risk of suffering from nerve damage, heart disease, and stroke increases, too. This is why it is important to do everything you can to avoid having it.

So, what can you do?

Aside from proper diet, physical activity can also help maintain a healthy weight. When you do physical work, you sweat, which results in torched calories.

Keeping your weight at a healthy level prevents your risk of obesity, which is a known risk factor for diabetes!

It also prevents your cancer risk

Staying active also reduces your risk of two cancer types: breast and colon cancer. And this is a claim supported by research.

A study found that people who are physically active enjoy a lowered risk of colon cancer compared with people who do not engage in any physical activity.

It was also discovered that physically active women trimmed their risk for breast cancer compared with their sedentary counterparts.

There's more:

Studies also provided proof that regular physical activity helps cancer survivors improve not just their fitness but their quality of life as well!

It promotes quality sleep


Struggling to have a restful night? Physical activity can help you address sleep deprivation. It is proven to help in dozing off easier and enjoying a deep sleep, too!

It’s best not to exercise a few hours before your bedtime, though, since you may feel too energized to get a shut-eye. 

It can boost your sex life

Not in the mood to get intimate lately? Regular physical activity can give your sex life a boost, too!

Being physically active on a regular basis is said to enhance women arousal. It was also found that men who regularly exercise are less likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

So, if you want to satisfy your SO, you may want to start moving now! 

It enhances your ability to accomplish daily tasks

Performing strength-building physical activities will help improve your ability to get things done as well!

Daily activities such as grocery shopping, playing with your kids, and climbing the stairs may sound ordinary, but they often play a huge part in your day.

Physical exhaustion or joint pains can get in the way of accomplishing these daily tasks, so you need some form of exercise to keep you energized.

Take note of this:

Making that healthy change of including physical activity in your daily routine will lessen not just your risk of cognitive decline but physical deterioration as well.

It will also improve your chances of having a long, healthy life!

It strengthens your muscles and bones

Comes with age is the higher chances of experiencing muscle, bone, and joint pains. This is why it is important to protect them as you get older.

Having healthy muscles, joints, and bones won’t simply support your movement, it will also allow you to perform your daily activities without discomfort!

But how?

To keep them strong and healthy, it is advised to perform moderate-level physical activity for 150 minutes every week.

This will decrease your risk of having a hip fracture and experiencing falls, which can lead to serious health concerns and life-changing, adverse effects.

Physical activity is also beneficial for people dealing with arthritis and other joint problems.

It boosts your energy

Regular physical activity not only helps to build muscle strength, but it also boosts your energy and endurance.

Often, we feel like lying on the bed will “conserve” and boost our energy. But, while rest helps you recharge, physical activity actually does the trick in increasing your energy levels!

How did this happen?

Physical activity like exercise transfers nutrients and oxygen to your tissues and improves the performance of your cardiovascular system, giving you more energy to get things going! 

It helps improve your mood and mental health

Having a regular physical activity also helps to keep your mind sharp, slowing down cognitive decline. The benefits of physical activity come from its ability to reduce inflammation and insulin resistance.

Here's another thing:

Physical activity also helps to vitalize the discharge of brain chemicals that affect the brain cells’ health, blood vessels’ growth in the brain, and even the survival and abundance of new brain cells.

As a result, your thinking skills and memory improve. Regular physical activity also indirectly reduces your anxiety and stress and improves your mood!

It allows you to enjoy and socialize


Physical activity and exercise also allow you to have fun and even socialize with other people! It lets you unwind, appreciate the outdoors, and bond with your family, friends and other people in a social setting.

So, if you want to be physically active and have fun at the same time, consider enrolling in that dance class or joining a volleyball team.

Don't hesitate to do it!

You’re free to find a physical activity that looks fun for you and nail it! You can also explore something new or look for activities you can enjoy with your friends.

Fun Things You Can Do to Stay Active

Getting physically active doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hit the gym. There are fun, creative ways for you to get moving.

Curious yet? Here are some active lifestyle tips you can do:

Stretch and stroll around

Studies reveal that sitting for too long can potentially lead to obesity, heart attacks, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and even cancer. Having a desk job can actually be detrimental to your health.

But, you can do something about it to prevent your risk of developing diseases. You can take quick breaks to stretch or stroll around after your lunch break.

This is not only good for your digestion, but you can also have a clearer mind and better focus.

Bike or walk on your way to work 

Biking or walking to work can be another form of physical activity. Instead of driving your car or taking public transportation, you can get active by biking or walking.

Having some form of physical exercise before you face your office tasks will jumpstart your metabolism and boost your energy to take on the day!

Clean the house

Notice yourself sweating when you’re doing household chores? It’s another physical activity that is beneficial for you. You’re not only keeping the house tidy, but you’re keeping yourself healthy as well!

Climb the stairs

Want to torch some calories and tone your body at the same time? Make climbing the stairs a habit instead of riding the escalator or elevator!


Dancing is a fun way to burn calories and tone your abs. And, you’ll not only enjoy good music -- you can also make it a great bonding time with your friends!


Physical activities are a great and fun way to feel better. Try to engage in aerobic exercises like walking, running or swimming and add strength training at least two times each week.

Dedicate a few minutes of your time for some physical work! If you have certain fitness goals, though, you may need to take your daily physical routine to the next level.

Just remember to consult with your doctor first before beginning a new fitness program, especially if you have health concerns. 

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