Bento Lunch Box Lunches for Picky Eaters

Karma eating vegan stuffed sweet potato

You know how frustrating it is to find your child’s pre-packed meal hardly untouched when they get home from school. It’s a dilemma many mommies are confronted by.

And the thing is, it’s not only devastating but bothersome too, especially if this happens most of the time.

Your kid’s lunch matters because aside from giving them the nutrition that they need, a healthy meal helps them to perform well at school, too.

So, what can you do to make sure your child is properly nourished at school? I’ve listed down lunch ideas that are not only appealing but healthy and yummy, too!  

Plus, I’ve also included some hacks to get a picky eater to enjoy his or her school lunch! Read on to find out more about the best bento lunch box lunches for picky eaters, and tips to succeed at it!

Bento Box Lunches Every Picky Eater Would Love to Eat

If feeding your child seems a challenging feat for you, worry not because these lunch ideas will save your day!

Turkey Avocado Sandwich

Add the creamy touch of avocado to your basic turkey sandwich, and your kid will surely love it. To make it more fun, cut the sandwich using a puzzle sandwich cutter.

It’s not only adorable to look at but it’ll be easier for your child to eat it, too!

Homemade Chicken Nuggets with Dipping Sauce

Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? I mean, even I crave it often! I’m pretty sure that kids, most especially, are delighted by just the mere sight of it.

It’s best, however, to make homemade nuggets for your kid’s school lunch. Pair it with an equally delicious and nutritious dip like a creamy mustard sauce, and it’s good to go! Add some veggies on the side, of course!

Baked Chicken with Pesto and Potatoes

Karma eating baked chicken with pesto and potatoes

Your child will more likely find it easy to savor any baked chicken recipe because chicken is a steady staple in kids’ diets.

This baked chicken with pesto and potatoes recipe is not only delicious but packed with nutrient power as well! It’s easy on the taste buds of kids, too!

Pizza Wraps

Your kids will surely love pizza wraps for lunch! You only need three basic ingredients: tortillas, spaghetti sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

Make it more extra by stuffing it with your kid’s fave toppings such as pepperoni slices, mushrooms, and diced bell peppers.

Beefy Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is another popular kids’ choice. You can throw some cooked corn or mixed veggies into the mix for that nutritional punch!

Bacon and Cheese Baked Avocados

Karma eating bacon and cheese baked avocados

Anyone would find it hard to resist any food with bacon and cheese! This bacon and cheese baked avocados recipe is flavorful, protein-packed, and super easy to prepare.

Lemon Baked Cod

Have your child savor the vast nutrients and health perks of fish in a delicious way. This lemon baked cod is bursting with zest, texture, and flavor any picky eater would crave.

Roasted Turkey Breast with Stuffed Sweet Potato

This filling grub will surely satisfy both your kid’s tummy and taste buds! Let your kids enjoy the rich nutritional value of sweet potato, spinach, mushrooms, and turkey in this recipe.

Tips in Making Lunches More Fun for Kids

Now that you already have an idea about the best lunches to prepare for school, it’s time to take note of these handy tips:

Use fun shaped food cutters

The easiest way to convince your child to touch his or her food is to make it appealing. I mean, who would get excited to eat when a meal looks bland, anyway? Even I as a grown-up would likely be hesitant to eat it.

So, what’s the trick? Use fun shaped food cutters! Sandwiches cut in fun designs are more appealing than the basic sandwich you’re probably used to preparing.

Your child is more likely to enjoy that smoked turkey sandwich if it is cut into a heart or a dolphin. And it doesn’t work only with sandwiches!

Do you like your child to get more nutrients from fruits? Cut them into fun shapes as well! Star-shaped or flower-shaped watermelons, kiwis, and cucumbers are a fun way for kids to savor nutrient-dense foods!

The trick is to make it more appealing and easier to eat, so it’s best to look for bite-size food cutters, particularly for fruits and veggies.

Prepare small portions

You have to remember that your child doesn’t have the same appetite and food capacity as yours, so pack small portions.

Big servings can intimidate kids. You don’t want to pressure them on eating one whole serving that you probably can’t finish yourself.

Plus, you’d want them to consume not just one type of food or the main meal only. You’d also want to throw in some healthy snacks like a dairy item such as cheese sticks, and fruits and veggies.

Take note that it’s best to cut fruits and veggies into slices or fun shapes. Your kid will likely find it hard to grasp a whole apple with a bare hand, so cut it into slices or bite-size shapes to make it easier to eat.

As a general guide, remember that your kid has little fingers, mouth, and tummy. Consider how much his or her little body can accommodate.

Cheese it up

Kids love cheese! Unless your child is allergic to cheese or dairy, you can create a healthy quesadilla with veggies hidden inside.

Cheese just makes it a lot easier for kids to eat, so try to search for nutritious yet delicious recipes that use cheese!

Buy a kid-friendly bento lunch box

Karma bento lunch box with case bands and cutlery set

Bento lunch boxes are perfect for your kid’s school meals because they provide both functionality and convenience. The good news is, you can choose from a wide array of bento lunch boxes today! Keep in mind, though, that the bento box must be kid-friendly.

It’s best to buy bento boxes that are airtight, especially if you plan on packing stews and saucy foods for your child’s lunch.

Airtight lunch boxes prevent leaks, making sure your child won’t have to deal with messy and stressful spills. Your kid is less likely to handle such a stressful situation, which may affect his or her appetite altogether.

Your child may not want to bring packed lunches to school anymore when this happens, so make sure you get a quality bento box.

Some bento boxes come with bands for extra tightness and security. It’s also best to get a bento box that comes with complete cutlery. You don’t want your child to stress over a missing fork or spoon.

You can consider the Karma bento lunch box when looking for a bento box that your child can bring to school. The Karma lunch box is airtight and includes an extra container and wall separator, perfect for meal prep and portion control.

It also has its own cutlery set and thermo case! You won’t have to worry about buying a separate utensil kit or lunch bag because the Karma bento lunch box has got it all. 

Avoid experimenting with new food

Your kid’s bento box isn’t the best place to introduce a new dish or food. If you want them to try something new, do it at home.

Most kids stick with their favorites, and they are less likely to try meals that are not familiar to them, especially at school.

So, if you want your child to eat something much different, introduce the new recipe at home. This way, you can guide and encourage them into eating a new dish, making it easier for them to eat it at school.

Add sweet treats occasionally

It won’t hurt to give your child some sweet treats every once in a while. Add some gooey cookie or brownie to their bento box, especially if they did well at school. Consider it like a reward for your child.

On most days, though, go the natural, healthy route by using fruits. Incorporating fruits into your child’s school lunch meal plans is a great way to add a sweet touch the healthy way.

Allow your child to help you in preparing the lunch

Give your child a chance to help you out. By letting them help you in packing their lunch for school, you are not only teaching your kids to be responsible and independent.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to bond with them, and know what they like and don’t like. Kids are also more likely to be encouraged to eat what they helped prepare themselves.


Preparing your kid’s lunch may be one of the most excruciating things you have to go through daily. But it’s one of the most fulfilling as well, especially when you know you’ve nailed it!

While packing tasty yet healthy meals for your child is not an easy feat at all, you can always use some helpful tricks and tips. These hacks will surely allow you to feed any picky eater just right!

These lunch ideas are just some of the healthy, yummy lunches you can prepare for your little one. You can experiment with more healthy ingredients or swap ideas with your mommy-friends!

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