Boost Your Health with These Healthy Morning Drinks and Supplements

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Our daily eating and lifestyle habits play a major role in shaping our health and wellness. So, it comes as no surprise why many people are striving to keep an active lifestyle, and a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

Some, though, seek the help of supplements in boosting their nutrient intake, while others seek the help of healthy morning drinks to supercharge their bodies.

You see, there are tons of things that you can do to achieve your health and wellness goals, and that is what we’re going to talk about in this post.

Read on as we reveal the healthy drinks and supplements that you can take in the morning to set the tone for the day, and give your health its much-needed boost!

What healthy drinks and supplements can you take in the morning?

What you do in the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. So, it is essential to begin your day with an empowering morning ritual.

Hydration is an important element in an effective morning ceremony. This is because we not only lose water when we urinate and sweat but when we sleep as well. In fact, we lose water from simply breathing!

And because dehydration causes many adverse health effects, it is important to stay hydrated. Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning brings so many amazing health rewards.

Among the benefits that you can reap from hydrating in the morning include cellular hydration, enhanced mood, increased energy levels, and cognitive boost. And it could get even better!

By adding other healthy ingredients into your water, you can actually help take your hydration to a whole new level! Take a look at these mighty morning drinks:

Morning mineral cocktail

Apparently, throwing lemon, apple cider vinegar, and Himalayan salt into the mix can help perk up your basic glass of water.

These ingredients are prized for their impressive nutritional profile and health perks. So, it’s no longer surprising how a drink using these nutrient-dense ingredients can help step up your health!

For instance, lemon is regarded for its rich vitamin C content, which has antioxidant powers. This citrus fruit has been associated with health benefits too including improved heart health and weight loss.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV), on the other hand, is also host to a number of benefits to one’s health. It’s easy to understand why it has been tagged as the “magic drink”.

Research shows that ACV can help maintain blood sugar levels, fix tummy problems, soothe a sore throat, aid in weight loss, fight bad breath, boost energy, and relieve nasal congestion.

And of course, Himalayan salt is just as impressive! It contains 84 essential trace minerals and electrolytes that help boost your body.

It is also known to help promote weight loss, detoxify the body, regulate blood sugar, support hormonal balance, enhance sleep, and assist thyroid and adrenal function.

The incredible nutritional value of these ingredients makes them a great addition to your regular nutrition. Mix them all together in one drink, and you’re sure to feel amazing!

To make this morning mineral cocktail for hydration, simply combine filtered water (room temperature), one teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt, one tablespoon of organic lemon or lime juice, and one tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar.


Terrasoul pink Himalayan salt

If you want to see optimum results, it’s best to use natural ingredients like the Himalayan pink salt by Terrasoul Superfoods, which is raw, 100 percent natural and pure, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan.

This pink salt is also unprocessed, and contains all the essential trace minerals, making it an excellent choice for this mighty morning drink!

Bragg apple cider vinegar

If you’re not sure which to get in the market due to an extensive array of choices, you can consider the Bragg apple cider vinegar, which is made from organically grown apples.

This product makes a wholesome addition to your morning and evening drink because it is unfiltered, unpasteurized, unheated, and non-GMO as well!

Waterdrop water filter pitcher

Rid your water of any impurities by using a reliable, effective filtration system! If you’re also uncertain which to buy, we recommend the Waterdrop water filter pitcher.

This filter, which has a 10-cup high capacity, can effectively remove contaminants, and reduce water hardness and limescale for great-tasting water, helping to boost your water intake!

It also comes with an electronic filter indicator that allows you to know when the filter already needs changing.

Green tea

Tea is also a popular morning drink, and there’s also a long list of reasons why you should enjoy it in your daily ritual and diet!

After water, tea is the next widely consumed around the world. And there’s no doubt about it. This popular morning drink fix is not only hydrating but abundant in health rewards, too.

Green tea, in particular, provides wonderful health benefits like enhanced cognitive function, weight loss, improved heart health, reduced risk of mental decline, and better physical performance.

It also promotes digestive health, fights the signs of aging, and prevents the risk of infections and diseases including cancer. Drinking green tea, is no doubt, a great way to improve your health while keeping yourself hydrated! 

Green juice 

Today, anything that has the word “green” in it is assumed to be healthy. And there’s actually some wisdom behind it! Green has been associated with nutrient-loaded superfoods that offer tons of health perks.

Sadly, though, many of us don’t get to add as many greens as we would want to our regular nutrition. But thanks to green juices, you can enjoy the nutrients of green superfoods in your glass!

Organifi green juice

Drinking a glass of green juice after waking up will help kick-start your body processes including detox. It also helps to boost your immunity and increase your energy levels so you can feel readier to take on the day!

If you want to chug a healthy drink and you’re looking to try green juice, the Organifi green juice powder tops our list! Aside from helping your body detoxify much easier, this product also helps to boost weight loss safely.


Enzymes act as a catalyst to help accelerate the body’s chemical reactions. They are binding to compounds and change them in certain ways. They also speed up the rate of chemical reactions within the cells.

Enzymes are also important for muscle function, digestion, and respiration. They are also known to help boost metabolism, nutrient absorption, and energy levels.

Foods that are rich in digestive enzymes include avocado, banana, honey, mango, papaya, pineapple, turmeric, and watermelon. Some supplements also contain enzymes, which can be good for your health.

RenewLife enzyme supplement

You can consider taking the RenewLife DigestMore Enzymes Supplement, which helps promote healthy digestion, relieve bloating, and occasional gas. It also helps your body to absorb nutrients better, which is why we highly recommend this product!


Probiotics are the “good” or “helpful” bacteria that provide benefits for our health, especially for our digestive system.

Lactobacillus, for example, is a probiotic strain that can help treat diarrhea and lactose intolerance. It can be found in yogurt and other fermented foods.

Bifidobacterium, on the other hand, can be useful for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other digestive problems. It is also contained in some dairy products.

There are supplements that also contain probiotics, which are often recommended by doctors to help people with digestive problems.

Renewlife probiotic supplement

If you’re looking for a probiotic supplement, the RenewLife Ultimate Probiotic capsules get our two thumbs up. It helps relieve digestive upset and promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria, giving you a stronger immune and digestive system.

Do you really need to take supplements?

Many people are wondering whether dietary supplements are necessary for a healthy diet. If you’re doubtful of popping any pills, chances are you’re concerned whether supplements are safe.

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), dietary supplements can be good for your health. But they may also pose health risks.

The FDA says that the active ingredients contained in many supplements have strong biological effects that may be unsafe or harmful for your health.

If you’re planning to take supplements, it is essential to know what makes supplement intake a health threat. Doing any of the following may be dangerous:

  • Using multiple supplements

  • Taking supplements with certain prescription or over-the-counter drugs

  • Using supplement as a substitute for doctor-prescribed medicines

  • Excessive supplement intake

  • Taking supplements before, during, and after surgery

If you have a medical condition or are taking certain drugs, it is best to see your doctor and ask if supplementation is good for you.


Your morning ritual and routine can have a huge impact on your day, and consequently, your life. Doing things that supercharge your mornings such as chugging an energizing drink after you wake up can make a huge difference!

These healthy drinks and supplements can help give you the boost you need to accomplish your tasks more efficiently and effectively and feel better about yourself.

You can consider adding these nutritious beverages and pills to your regular nutrition to perk up your health and wellness.

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