Change to Organic Laundry Powder and This Will Happen

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Laundry detergents help to keep our clothes clean. But most consumers are unaware of the harmful effects that laundry detergents pose to our health.

Many of the laundry powders being sold in the market today contain toxic chemicals that may cause adverse symptoms. From eye irritation to skin ailments and even endocrine disruption, these harmful laundry powders prove necessary to go down the drain.

When choosing to live a healthy life, all things matter – and yes, even your laundry detergent needs to protect you from the risk of several ailments! Luckily, you can make a shift to organic laundry powder for a healthy change.

This post is all about your laundry detergent, and how it can affect your health – for better or for worse. Find out what toxic chemicals are contained in most laundry powders today, and what organic laundry powders are.

Also, discover how these natural laundry detergents can save you from skin irritation and other illnesses, make your clothes last longer, and even help save the environment!

What are the Toxic Chemicals Found in Most Commercial Laundry Powders?

Ever tried to read what’s in the label of your laundry detergent box? You probably have but didn’t bother to look up what the written ingredients are exactly. 

The thing is, many of us actually skip that part when grocery shopping or doing the laundry. Who will bother anyway? But these ingredients can actually affect our health.

Here are the most common chemicals found in most commercial laundry detergents, and why are they bad for you:


Manufacturers commonly include fragrance in their basic selling points, but it takes a number of different chemicals to produce a scent.

However, since there’s this thing called trade protection, you wouldn’t know what chemicals were used to produce that fragrance.

Experts claim some of these ingredients can be hazardous for health. So, while you think your clothes are clean because they smell so good, it can’t be that great.

Cleaning agents

Cleaning agents or surfactants are a crucial part of the formula since they help cleanse your laundry items. But these chemicals have been linked to several health problems.

For example, quaternium-15 was found to release a carcinogen called formaldehyde. Diethanolamine, meantime, has been associated with eye and skin irritation, and potential liver issues.


Bleach may either be separated or contained in the detergent itself. It is likewise a known skin irritant, and may also cause irritation to eyes and lungs.

It can also produce toxic compounds when it’s mixed with wastewater, which can cause respiratory, kidney, and liver problems.


Stabilizers are chemicals that aid in preserving the formula, so the detergent can last longer during storage.

An example of a stabilizer is ethylene oxide, an organic compound that is considered carcinogenic to humans and has been linked to a higher risk of lymphoid and breast cancer.

What are Organic Laundry Powders and Why Are They Better?

While we’ve grown more accustomed to commercial laundry detergents, it’s not yet too late to make that healthy shift. When it comes to looking after your wellness, it is best to seek better alternatives. Luckily, organic laundry powders are available for use, too!

These natural laundry detergents do away with phosphates, chlorine, and other artificial and toxic compounds that may be harmful to human health.

They also do not contain synthetic perfumes and dyes, which can lead to skin irritations and even allergic reactions in some people.

Using organic laundry powder can significantly reduce your risk of these adverse effects, keeping you and your family safer from these dangers. Here are more reasons to make that shift to these natural laundry cleaning products:

Organic laundry powders lessen your risk of skin irritation and other chronic diseases

When your skin makes contact with harmful compounds, it leads to skin reactions such as irritation and allergies.

Some people suffer from skin rashes and eye irritation without even knowing the reason behind them. People commonly point to food as the main culprit when the villain could be your laundry detergent!

In worst cases, commercial laundry powders may cause breathing difficulties as well like asthma. The chemicals contained in most detergents may also lead to respiratory problems.

Natural detergents, on the other hand, don’t contain these dangerous substances like parabens and benzene, which have been linked to various illnesses and even cancer!

In most instances, making small changes in your daily routine such as switching to organic alternatives can positively affect your overall wellness.

By swapping your regular detergent with an organic laundry powder, you could prevent your risk of ill symptoms and other chronic diseases. This is because it helps eliminate the presence of harmful carcinogens in the clothes you use daily.

Organic laundry powders contain essential oils that offer relaxing vibes

Unlike commercial detergents that use different chemicals for fragrance, organic laundry powders use essential oils.

These non-allergenic properties are not only friendly for your nasal senses but your overall health as well. Just imagine the scent of lavender or myrrh enveloping your clothes. So relaxing!

Organic laundry powders are friendly to your clothes, too

Clothes air drying

Admit it, our clothes mean so much to us. Who would buy clothes they don’t like anyway? Many of them probably were a bit expensive or have sentimental value.

So, it’s natural for us to want to keep them in excellent condition. The problem, however, is most commercial detergents tend to make your clothes’ colors fade over time.

Natural alternatives, on the other hand, work to protect the overall quality of your clothes. And they do so while removing dirt and odor from your laundry items. So yep, they are all-in-one in that sense!

Organic laundry powders work like fabric softeners as well

All of us want to wear comfortable clothes that feel nice to the skin. And organic detergents work to give us just that! In most cases, we use fabric softeners to make our clothes as soft as we’d like.

But fabric softeners may contain harmful toxins, too. The good news is, organic laundry powders use coconut oil, giving these natural alternatives the powers of a fabric conditioner.

So, if you want to achieve softness and gentleness for your clothes, it’s best to make that organic switch!

Natural detergents will soften up your clothes just the way you want them, and give off a pleasant scent that lasts even when the clothes have already dried up. What’s not to love about organic laundry powders?

Organic laundry powders are safer for babies

Because natural detergents don’t use harmful chemicals and are basically gentler on the skin, they make a great choice when buying products for your baby.

A toddler’s skin is more vulnerable and sensitive compared to an adult’s, so it’s best to be cautious about the products that you buy for them including laundry detergents.

Choose organic-based products as much as possible or non-toxic ones to avoid irritating your baby’s skin.

Organic laundry powders are environment-friendly, too

The harmful compounds contained in most laundry powders are not only hazardous for human health but the environment as well.

These toxic chemicals get drained out along wastewater, making them a part of streams and rivers.  When this happens, they can pose risks to aquatic life, too.

What’s worse, these dangers can spread on many other aspects of the environment as well.

Organic laundry powders make use of completely natural minerals, ingredients, and compounds, which means they are highly biodegradable and environment-friendly.

Choosing to use natural detergents over conventional ones makes an excellent idea since they are safer and pose no risk to aquatic life, and other water and environmental resources.

Additional Points to Consider

There’s no reason not to be convinced to swap your regular detergents with natural alternatives. They are safer not just for your health but the environment as well.

While these organic laundry powders can be bought in stores and online shops, you also have the option to create your own natural laundry detergent.

You can search online on how to make your own organic laundry detergent. You will find several recipes to create your own natural laundry powder that’s safer and eco-friendlier.

But basically, you will find two common formulas: one that uses borax, and one without it.

While borax is considered a safe compound and is also contained in some natural laundry powders, other people feel safer without using it.

So, if it will give you more peace of mind using a detergent that’s borax-free, you can check detergent recipes that do away with it. Whatever you choose, though, both are considered natural and effective.


Commercial laundry powders commonly use chemical compounds for their scent and cleaning properties.

And while many of them do clean and help keep our clothes smelling good, the toxic chemicals they come with pose danger to our health. And it’s not only hazardous to our health but the environment, too.

If you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the harmful risks posed by commercial detergents, it’s time to make that change to organic laundry powder!

It won’t only protect you against skin and eye irritation and other illnesses, but it’ll also keep your clothes at an excellent condition. What’s more, you’re helping save nature, too!

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