Top 10 Best Bento Lunch Boxes for Kids

Karma bento lunch box with case bands and cutlery set

Many of us have witnessed how the lunch box gaming transformed. And while all sorts of lunch boxes have been made available for us, it doesn’t make picking the right bento lunch box any easier.

Nope, it doesn’t. And it’s even harder when it comes to choosing for your kids. Today, you can choose from a variety of materials, styles, and designs.

But while it’s great that you have tons of options, it can get confusing, too! Plus, you also have to consider several factors given that it’s your kids who will use it for school.

So, to end your quest for the right bento lunch box for your child, I already made a list of the best ones! Check this list out and see which one you think your little one would love!

1.     Karma Bento Lunch Box

Karma bento lunch box with food

Kids don’t deserve complicated things, so it’s best to get them a bento lunch box that’s simple yet functional. The Karma bento lunch box has a minimalist design that fits all ages. Plus, it’s space savvy, too!

What’s more, you get everything you need in one convenient kit: a cutlery set, an extra removable container perfect for sauces and snacks, food divider to keep contents organized, and a thermal case!

What you’ll love about Karma Bento Lunch Box:

  • Worrying your child will forget his or her lunch bag at home? The Karma bento lunch box has its own thermo case, which is appropriately sized to fit any bag for school!

  • The thermo case helps to preserve the meals’ temperature. Your kids’ favorite meals will be just the way they like it!

  • It is airtight to ensure the meals are kept fresh and delicious. Karma also comes with bands to keep everything tight and secure. Your child is less likely to handle spills and leaks, and these features help to avoid just that!

  • It has a complete stainless cutlery set, so you don’t have to worry about buying separate utensils. Karma also includes a removable container for sauces or snacks, and a separator to prevent foods from getting mixed up.

2.     Go Green Lunch Box Set

Go Green lunch box

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly lunch box that has lots of compartments, you may consider getting the five-compartment lunch box by Go Green Lunch Box.

You can throw in various snacks from fruits to cheese sticks with its five-compartment feature. It’s also leak-proof, so your kids can enjoy any meal regardless if it’s fried or saucy!

What you’ll love about Go Green Lunch Box Set:

  • It has five compartments that can fit four different varieties of food and one 8 oz beverage bottle.

  • Its silicone bands help to ensure that leaks and spills won’t happen.

  • The Go Green Lunch Box Set comes with an 8 oz stainless steel beverage bottle, helping to ensure your child will stay hydrated at school.

  • The materials used for this lunch box are safe for kids, free from BPA, lead, phthalate, and leach.

  • It comes with an insulated carrying bag that has a napkin and utensils holder, whiteboard for special reminders or messages, and a name tag.

3.     Yumbox Panino Bento Lunch Box

Yumbox Panino bento lunch box

This leak-proof bento lunch box by Yumbox is also kid-friendly. It’s also ideal for portion sizes, thanks to its four compartments that can fit salads, sandwiches, snacks, and sides.

It is also durable and easy to carry, plus it’s made of high-quality materials!

What you’ll love about Yumbox Panino Bento Lunch Box:

  • The practical design of Yumbox Panino will make eating hassle-free! It is easy to open and close, and is leak-proof too, making school lunches simpler and effortless.

  • Its compartments allow portion control, and a variety of foods to eat. These portion spaces also help to ensure that no food will go to waste!

  • This lunch box also makes meals look more appetizing and organized for kids.

  • Worry not about cleaning because this Yumbox Panino bento lunch box is also dishwasher-safe!

  • It is also free from harmful compounds like BPA and phthalates. Plus, it is lightweight and compact, too!

4.     Omie Three-Compartment Bento Lunch Box

Omie three-compartment bento lunch box

Looking for a lunch box that suits a picky eater? This three-compartment bento lunch box by Omie has features even the pickiest eater would love!

From its convenient compartments to its unique thermos food jar insert, lunches will surely be more fun for kids!

What you’ll love about Omie Three-Compartment Bento Lunch Box:

  • This bento lunch box comes with a thermos insert which makes packing hot food easier. This also helps to keep meals warm, allowing your kids to enjoy their favorite foods even better!

  • It is made of high-quality, durable materials that ensure your kids’ lunch box will last even after multiple uses.

  • It also includes a food divider so you can prepare more variety for your kids’ school lunch, allowing them to eat healthier as well.

  • It is easy to clean. You can remove the rubber seals and wash it thoroughly daily.

  • You can choose from a variety of colors.

5.     Bentgo Kids Lunch Box

Bentgo Kids lunch box

This kids’ lunch box by Bentgo is practically portioned to fit a child’s appetite. It’s perfect for kids aged three to seven years old.

Aside from being kid-friendly, it is also drop-proof, and mess-free! Plus, you can choose from a variety of colors that’ll match your kids’ personality or their favorite!

What you’ll love about Bentgo Kids Lunch Box:

  • It is leak-proof, preventing those stressful spills that your child probably will find hard to handle. It is also designed to be free from mess even during transport.

  • The Bentgo Kids Lunch Box comes with five practical compartments that can accommodate a complete, nutritious school lunch.

  • You can reheat meals safely in the microwave using its removable compartment tray. You can also clean it using the dishwasher!

  • It comes with kid-friendly latches to make opening and closing the lunch box stress-free!

  • It has a sturdy design that works great for active children. Your child can choose from different colors, too!

6.     Moopok Bento Box

Moopok bento box

This Bento Lunch Box by Moopok also has an ample room to accommodate a complete lunch meal that includes a main course, salad, fruits, and snacks.

Its multiple-compartment design makes meal preps easier and helps prevent foods from getting mixed up and contaminating the quality of other foods.

What you’ll love about Moopok Bento Box:

  • It comes with four compartments that can fit a complete, nutritious meal for kids. It also includes a spoon and fork.

  • This lunch box uses safe and premium materials. It is BPA-free and FDA-approved.

  • Its all-in-one piece design is easy to maintain. It is dishwasher-safe, so cleaning would be easy.

  • You can store this lunch box in the fridge and freezer, too!

  • Its four-clip seal helps to keep the freshness of the food and prevent leakages and spills.

7.     CoolBites Premium Bento Lunch Box

CoolBites premium bento box

This leak-proof, multi-compartment lunch box by CoolBites is also ideal for school! Not only is it cute, but it’s functional too, allowing you to pack a variety of food for your kids’ lunch.

It also has a built-in freezable gel ice pack that helps ensure your kids’ favorite cold foods stay cold all day!

What you’ll love about CoolBites Premium Bento Lunch Box:

  • This lunch box comes with four practical compartments that can fit a hearty, healthy lunch for kids.

  • Its vent cover is also made of food grade anti-bacterial silicone.

  • You can clean it using a dishwasher provided you remove the cooler gel pack before doing so.

  • It is FDA-approved and is free from harmful compounds like BPA.

  • It has four secure latches that help prevent accidental spills.

8.     Trudeau Fuel Bento Lunch Box

Trudeau fuel bento box

This stylish multi-functional bento box by Trudeau was also designed to make school lunches more convenient for kids.

It is spill-proof as well and comes with different compartments to keep the contents more organized.

What you’ll love about Trudeau Fuel Bento Lunch Box:

  • The Fuel Bento Lunch Box comes with two removable containers that can be used separately.

  • It is eco-friendly and BPA-free.

  • Pack a diverse meal for your child using its generous compartments.

  • It is leak-proof, so your kids can savor their favorites stews, and yogurts even at school!

  • You can easily clean it using the dishwasher.

9.     Thousanday Three-Tier Bento Lunch Box

Thousanday bento lunch box

Your kids can also enjoy a complete meal using just one container with this three-tier bento lunch box by Thousanday.

It is made from high-quality materials and is guaranteed safe for kids as it is FDA and LFGB-approved.

What you’ll love about Thousanday Three-Tier Bento Lunch Box:

  • This space savvy bento lunch box can be used in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.

  • It is free from PVA, BPA, and phthalate, making sure your kids’ meals are safe!

  • It is leak-proof when closed, preventing those messy, stressful spills.

  • You can pack a complete meal for your hungry little one, thanks to its compartments and 100ml capacity.

  • It also comes with a spoon and fork for extra convenience.

10. EasyLunchboxes Three-Compartment Bento Lunch Box

EasyLunchboxes bento lunch box

Kids get grumpy when they find it difficult to open their lunch box. If you’re looking for easy-to-open lids, this three-compartment bento lunch box from EasyLunchboxes may be perfect for your child.

Take note, though, that this lunch box is NOT LEAK-PROOF. So, refrain from putting runny and saucy foods like stews and liquids such as soups.

What you’ll love about EasyLunchboxes Bento Lunch Box:

  • It is totally kid-friendly with easy-to-open lids.

  • This EasyLunchboxes bento box also does away with harmful substances such as BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

  • Want to pack fruits and snacks for your child aside from his or her main meal? This lunch box has three compartments that can accommodate different foods.

    It’s also perfect for portion control, so it works great if your child has a special diet.

  • You can use it in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.

  • It’s portable, and stackable too when not in use, saving space in your kitchen organizer.


Every parent aims to give their children the best, so it’s natural to get picky about things that concern your little ones. Choosing the right bento lunch box for your kids may be taxing, but it’s definitely worth it.

More than anything, it is your partner for your kids’ nutrition, so it is essential to choose only the best.

These bento lunch boxes are BPA-free, functional, convenient, and adorable, too! Pick the one you think your kids would love and is best for them because they deserve it after all.

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