Top 10 Healthiest Juice Combinations

Glass of juice surrounded by fruits

Are you fond of packed juices – the one you can typically get from supermarkets and grocery stores? Did you know that you can create healthier and tastier versions of them at home?

You’ve probably heard about juicing and its powerful effects to health, so we’ve rounded up the healthiest juice recipes from around the web!

You can make and enjoy these nutrient-loaded juices at home, and savor their health perks as well. And yep, we’ll tell you exactly why they’re good for you!

We’re sure you’ll be more convinced to chug up homemade juices than those sugary fruit beverages, so read on to find out more!

1.     Apple Beet Carrot Juice

Glasses of beet carrot juice

This ABC juice is not only easy to remember, but it’s tasty and healthy too!

It is loaded with polyphenols from apples, which are great for digestion and weight management, and beta-carotene from carrots, which help promote healthy eyes!

And oh, you’ll also enjoy the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and detoxifying powers of beet! So, if you’re looking for a juice with a nutritional punch, start with your ABC.

2.     Celery Cucumber Juice

Celery and cucumber are two of the most hydrating veggies you can consume. So, if you want a super hydrating, healthy drink, this juice is perfect for you!

Cucumbers are a good source of mineral-electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium, which help the body regulate several bodily functions.

Celery is also a great source of important nutrients and other beneficial compounds that help reduce inflammation, promote heart and liver health, and prevent cancer risk.

3.     Apple Orange Juice

Glass of apple orange juice

Both apple and orange are delicious and great sources of powerful vitamins and minerals. Combine them together in one drink, and you’re sure to feel a difference in your health!

These fiber-rich fruits are linked to several health perks such as improved digestion, better heart health, and reduced risk of diseases. So, if you want to enjoy these health rewards, try this juice recipe!

4.     Pineapple Kale Juice

Start your day with this pineapple kale juice for that energy boost! It’s a simple yet effective way to increase your nutrient intake as both pineapple and kale are rich sources of nutrients.

Not only are these foods loaded with vitamin C, which has antioxidant powers, but delivers the same health benefits as well including enhanced bone health, reduced inflammation, and better weight management.

5.     Ginger Grapefruit Carrot Juice

Another healthy morning drink you can chug is the ginger grapefruit carrot juice. This fix is loaded with dietary fiber and good-for-you nutrients that will surely help perk up your day!

Thanks to the combined nutritional profiles of carrot, ginger, and grapefruit, you can savor health benefits too like improved blood sugar levels, weight loss, healthier skin, and stronger immunity.

6.     Strawberry Watermelon Cucumber Juice

Replace your soda with this super refreshing and nutritious drink! This strawberry watermelon cucumber juice is a great way to keep your body hydrated and loaded with nutrients!

Watermelon, cucumber, and strawberry are all rich in water content and nutrients like vitamin A, magnesium, and potassium.

They also help boost your health by supporting your immune system, regulating your blood sugar, and protecting your heart health.

7.     Spinach Apple Juice

Combine two nutritional powerhouses in one drink, and you’re sure to feel great! This spinach apple juice is packed with antioxidants that help combat free radical damage.

What’s more, these healthy foods were also found to help boost brain power, strengthen bones and muscles, enhance metabolism, and prevent cancer risk.

8.     Apple Cucumber Lemon Juice

This apple cucumber lemon juice will help detoxify your body. Combining the nutritional powers of apple, lemon, and cucumber, this juice will help reset your health for the better!

Enjoy the antioxidant properties that come with these nutritious drinks and enjoy the perks of a healthier heart and stronger immune system.

9.     Ginger Beet Juice

This easy ginger beet juice recipe is loaded with the nutrients that come with ginger, beet, and veggies! What’s more, it also helps to detoxify your body, too.

Enhance your digestion, reduce inflammation, keep your heart healthy, and combat cold and flu by chugging up this healthy juice!

10. Kiwi Watermelon Lime Juice

Refreshing watermelon lime juice

This nutritious beverage gives the spotlight to kiwi, an underrated fruit that is surprisingly chock-full of vitamins and minerals. You can add chia seeds to this drink to boost its nutritional powers, too!

Aside from hydrating your body, this kiwi watermelon lime juice will also help you savor incredible health perks such as healthy digestion, improved eye health, and healthier bones, skin, and hair!

Tips to Maximize Your Juice Drink Potential

A well-crafted juice cleanse plan can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. And knowing the healthiest juices that you can prepare yourself at home will help turn these goals into reality.

But it’s not enough to make a list of nutritious juice recipes. So, we’ve included tips on how to make the most out of your juice drink!

Add some zing

If you can’t the taste of green juices, which are super healthy and good for your body, add some lemon or spices. Think parsley, cilantro or ginger root! They can give your drink that extra kick of flavor.

Disguise veggies in your juice

If you’re not a veggie fan or your kids aren’t very fond of it, you can disguise them in your juice. Mix it up with other nutrient-dense fruits, and you will not notice the difference!

Choose organic as much as possible

Where you source your fruits and veggies matters, too. Some of the healthiest ingredients that you can use for juicing like carrots and tomatoes may be exposed to contamination.

Some conventional produce may also contain harmful pesticides, which can end up in your drink. So, whenever possible, choose organic.

If you can’t buy organic produce, just make sure that you buy your fruits and veggies from credible and reliable sources.

Pick fruits with a low glycemic index

If you’re going to use fruits in your juice, opt for the ones that are low in glycemic index (GI). This ranking is linked to the carbs on food and its effect on your blood glucose levels.

Some of the fruits that have a low GI include apple, orange, grapefruit, cherries, plum, and grapes.

Throw protein into the mix

If you want to further boost your juice’s potential, add protein to the equation. A scoop of chocolate whey protein can help perk up your drink’s flavor and nutritional value.

Use healthy fats

Healthy fats, which can be found in fish oil, olive oil, avocados, and some nuts offer amazing health perks such as reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, improved insulin sensitivity, and weight loss.

Adding healthy fats to your juice like chia seeds is a great way to boost the health potential of your beverage.

Drink immediately

While it’s more convenient to prepare a batch of juice, its exposure to air can adversely affect its nutritional value. As much as possible, drink only what you can finish in one sitting, and do it immediately.

If this isn’t possible, make sure that you will use an airtight container for its storage, and put it in your fridge.

Always read the label of packaged juice

If juicing at home isn’t a viable option for you, and you’d rather go for a packaged juice, make sure to read the label.

Some packaged juices contain unhealthy sweeteners and preservatives to improve the drink’s flavor and shelf life. Be cautious about your juice’s sugar content as it may defeat your goal altogether.

Juicing Do’s and Don’ts You Have to Keep in Mind

You already know the healthiest juices you can make and how you can maximize their health potential. Now, it’s time to keep these reminders:


  • Juice for fast nutrient delivery. Your bloodstream quickly absorbs the nutrients in the juice, thus, your body easily receives the important nutrients and enzymes the juice possesses.

  • Keep yourself hydrated. While some of the healthiest juices are super hydrating, you should not rely on them for your hydration for the entire day. It’s still essential to drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily.

  • Study about the juice’s possible side effects. Other people may experience headaches, extreme cravings, and irritability. Educate yourself about these things, so you know what to expect.

  • Get professional advice. This is especially important if you have an existing medical condition or are taking medications. Some juices may interact with certain medicines, so ask your doctor first if juicing is good for you.

  • Rest well. Go to bed as early as possible to maximize the healing powers of your juice.


  • Use juice as a meal replacement. Experts emphasize that juicing is a great strategy for improving your nutrient intake and not for supplying all your nutritional requirements.

    A well-balanced diet composed of whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein, seeds, and nuts is still the recommended nutritional route.
  • Ignore your growling tummy. Eat when you’re feeling hungry. Munch on fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks like almonds and pumpkin seeds.

  • Wait to clean up. It’s tempting to leave your blender or juicer sitting around dirty, but this is a big no-no. The pulp and other pigments can quickly set in your machine, so make sure you clean up immediately.


You are sure to reap a lot of health perks when you juice the right ingredients.

Keep in mind, though, that juicing is meant to improve your nutrient consumption. Don’t depend on it for your other nutritional requirements that you will only get from whole foods.

The bottom line is, having a well-balanced, nutritious diet is still the best way to go. Add more nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, and lean protein to your meal plans to achieve your health and wellness goals.

And of course, don’t forget to keep an active lifestyle and sufficient rest, too!

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