Why Karma Bento?

We noticed a lunchbox-shaped problem. Beautiful people everywhere were packing their lunch into ugly, impractical plastic containers. Surely eating on the go could look and feel better than this?

We decided it was time to give the humble lunchbox a makeover — turning it into a stunning accessory that fashion bunnies everywhere would be proud to own!

So, we created Karma — a sleek and stylish lunchbox, designed to make packed lunches a whole lot prettier and far more practical. Plus, we added some awesome features to make it easier and more enjoyable to take delicious, healthy food with you wherever you go.

At Karma, we believe in making the world a more beautiful place, through smart design and stylish simplicity. We want the best for our gorgeous customers and the world around us, which is why our products are convenient, healthy and kind to the planet.